Take the hassle out of freight claims.

About freebondfilings.com!

Freebondfilings.com offers a bond filing service that saves you a lot of time, headaches, MONEY, and most of all, frustration. For $0.00, we will file a claim on your behalf against the brokers trust or bond for payment of overdue freight charges.

If you receive no money from the filing because the bond is either exhausted, the commodity is exempt, or there is a valid freight claim, you will owe us NOTHING! In the event the bond filing was successful, we will bill you a very nominal administration fee of 3% of what is recovered. IT’S THAT SIMPLE!!!!

Unlike other companies who provide this service (for a fee), we will also contact the broker directly and inform them that we have filed against his or her bond. Communicating the filing directly with the debtor company typically expedites payments significantly.


How we do it:

The sooner you file, the better your return!

File Claim Now!
  • We will immediately file against the debtor's bond or trust. In most cases, the same day it is received.

  • Once we file against the debtor's bond or trust, we will communicate this information directly with the debtor.

  • We follow up as required with the bonding company or trustee until there is a disposition.

  • Most importantly, we will keep you informed.